Pet Safety and Toys

Pet Safety and Toys

Sometimes it’s not about the actual toys, but rather the configuration of the play area. A good and inexpensive

way to build a play station is by using plastic milk crates. Place them in a pyramid shape, with the top (open

part) facing into the room. Secure them together. Then hang toys from them or put blankets and towels inside

for sleeping. Cats and kittens alike love this!

Cats have an uncanny knack of making toys from many objects we wouldn’t think of as toys. Not all of these

are safe for the kitties; some are just plain dangerous. These are unsafe objects because they can be


  • yarn,
  • rubber bands,
  • paper clips,
  •  plastic milk jug rings.

Some store-bought toys must be altered to be cat-proof. These include anything with small parts attached to

them, eyes, ribbons, feathers. Oh, they are cute, but no fun to the cat when he/she pulls them off the toy and

eats them!

Toy Comments

Soft toys – Soft toys must be machine washable and be able to withstand bleach to be appropriate for use with

pet kitties. Avoid stuffed toys with fillings of nutshells or polystyrene beads. These can be dangerous if they cat

bites them open.

Round plastic shower curtain rings – These are fun as a single ring to bat around, hide, or carry. Also fun when

linked together and hung in an enticing spot.

Balls – Provide plastic rolling ones with or without bells inside, ping pong balls, or plastic practice golf balls,

especially the ones with holes in them.

Paper bags – Be sure to remove any handles. Never allow a pet animal to play with plastic bags.

Sisal-wrapped toys – These are attractive to those cats who ignore soft toys.

Empty cardboard rolls – You can get these from the toilet paper or paper towels. They are especially enticing if

you unwind the cardboard a little!

Wand toys You can make you own with a dowel rod from any home improvement or craft store. Put bird

feathers (you’ve collected in the yard) on the end, or a plastic practice golf ball, or just a knot.

Track toys Track toys are great! Some come with cardboard scratching in the middle, others are covered.


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