Protect the Arctic Ring Seal‏

Big Oil and climate change are a double threat to wildlife in the Arctic -- whether it's a 75% chance that an oil spill will occur in the remote waters of the Bering and Chukchi seas or that the ice and snow that provide homes and sustenance for polar bears and seals is disappearing.

The good news is that the National Marine Fisheries Service has stepped in to protect the waters that Arctic ring seals call home, and they need your support to fight Big Oil's opposition.

Send your letter today, and tell the National Marine Fisheries Service to stay strong in the face of pressure from Big Oil and protect these ice-covered waters for the Arctic ring seal.

The Arctic ring seal is a remarkable creature -- living on sheets of Arctic ice year-round and building snow caves to keep their pups safe from predators like polar bears. Unfortunately, their precious habitat is in danger. In addition to melting ice and less snow cover to protect the pups, their homes are near active and proposed gas drilling like Shell Oil's recently purchased lease in the Chukchi Sea.

With Shell's reckless track record and a history of too many other oil spills off the Alaskan coast, it is paramount that these waters are protected from dirty and dangerous oil and gas drilling.

Send your letter today, and tell the National Marine Fisheries Service to ensure the Arctic ring seals' home is protected for generations of seal pups to come.

Thanks for all that you do,

Dan Ritzman
Regional Director
Our Wild America Campaign, Sierra Club

P.S. Six letters are better than one. Please share this email with five of your friends and family so the National Marine Fisheries Service hears us loud and clear.

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