Animal Rescue Group Intro

Animal Rescue Group Intro

Animal rescue organizations have one primary objective to rescue and rehabilitate wild animals. These animals are normally released back into the wild where possible after sufficient care. Wildlife rescue organizations raise awareness of endangered, vulnerable, and threatened species and accepts donations to aid in controlling climate to ensure the safety and protection of wild animals. The challenging work of Wildlife Rescue Groups/Organizations shows notable efforts to preserve wildlife has significant impact on well-being of many wild animals. By offering “symbolic adoptions” for animals. Money raised through “symbolic adoptions” campaign goes towards conservation efforts, ultimately hoping to save these wild animals from endangerment.
We would like to introduce you to some of best non-profit animal rescue organizations who work day and night to protect and save wild animals. Wildlife Organizations You Should Know and should HELP by providing financial support to give voice to wild animals that cannot speak
American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA),

WHAT: Conservation of wildlife habitats.
IN DETAIL: Climate change, extinction, human-wildlife coexistence and sustainability top Wildlife Conservation Society’s list of concerns. Founded in 1895, the organization scours the world, helping a variety of wild species – gorillas, tigers and ocean giants included.
WHERE: Worldwide

The Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)
WHAT: Bringing people together for the respect and security of animals.
IN DETAIL: PAWS, an organization that brings together people who love animals and enjoy their company, leaves its paw print via a slew of activities. Especially worth noting is the PAWS Wildlife Center, which provides healthcare and rehabilitation to wild animals.
WHERE: Washington State, USA

WHAT: Hands-on medical care to mountain gorillas.
IN DETAIL: Gorilla Doctors is a team of veterinarians that cares for mountain gorillas – an endangered species bordering extinction. The doctors rescue wounded gorillas and provide healthcare for various illnesses.
WHERE: Rwanda, Uganda and the National Republic of Congo.

WHAT: Battling illegal wildlife trade.
IN DETAIL: Avid planet savers, the Wildlife Alliance works to eliminate wildlife extinction. The organization focuses on combatting illegal wildlife trade by cultivating alternate sources of income for struggling, underserved communities. Wildlife Alliance also provides hands-on rescue and rehabilitation to animals in plight.
WHERE: Cambodia

World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
WHAT: Cultivating human-animals coexistence and sustaining biodiversity.
IN DETAIL: The influential organization combines hand-on conservation efforts and takes active part in forming policy and legislation. WWF grants special focus to particular species, including tigers, dolphins and elephants.
WHERE: Worldwide. Priority regions are the Amazon, Himalayas, Mediterranean, Borneo, Coral Triangle and Madagascar.

WHAT: Saving animals and habitats.
IN DETAIL: Saving seals, defending whales, protecting elephants and saving tigers are just some of the projects IFAW is dedicated to. Overseeing 40-some projects, the organization provides hands-on assistance to animals and generates campaigns for the awareness of animals in danger of extinction.
WHERE: Worldwide

WHAT: Ensuring that animals are treated with respect.
IN DETAIL: The World Society for the Protection of Animals is involved in activities that promote the compassionate treatment of animals and good animal welfare. Whales, bears, and orangutans are some of the species at the heart of WSPA’s work.
WHERE: All over the world. WSPA holds local chapters in many countries worldwide.

WHAT: Protecting Africa’s wildlife and natural landscapes.
IN DETAIL: AWF is engaged with the conservation of ecosystems alongside the protection of wildlife and resolution of human-wildlife conflict.
WHERE: Africa

WHAT: The largest animal rights organization in the world.
IN DETAIL: PETA is an internationally renowned organization and a devout activist for animal rights. Using at times controversial tactics to spread its word, PETA is engaged with public education, research, legislation and animal rescue.
WHERE: Worldwide

WHAT: Promoting animals’ prosperity and wellbeing.
IN DETAIL: Founded in 1961, the veteran organization does everything in its power to minimize – if not altogether eliminate – the impact of human actions detrimental to endangered species.
WHERE: Worldwide. AWI is especially engaged with promoting American legislation.

WHAT: Promoting pro-wildlife legislation.
IN DETAIL: Combining hands-on collaboration with communities and active promotion of pro-wildlife legislation, Defenders of Wildlife have a record of over sixty years protecting imperiled species, such as the black bear, Alaska gray wolf and the American bison.
WHERE: Various regions Stateside and Alaska.

Animal Prominent Wildlife Sanctuaries in the World

The choice to invest and promote sustainable development and travel is up to you. Now you know about some incredible Wildlife refuges sanctuaries for animals which are preserving ecosystems and education about animals.

Humans and Tourism can either help or hurt wildlife places in the world. It can destroy forests, and beachfront ecosystems. But Humans has the power to be an extremely beneficial tool for community growth, but at the same time build protections of a species and environmental protection around the World for most beneficial benefits for people and animals.

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Woodstock Farm Sanctuary – US

Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary – UK

Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding – China

Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation – Mexico

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust – Kenya

Wechiau Community Hippo Sanctuary – Ghana

Tiritiri Matangi Open Sanctuary – New Zealand

Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary – Australia

Elephant Nature Park – Thailand

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