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  • Trucker Hats for Dogs Provide Eye Protection and Street Style
    by (NewsUSA) on October 7, 2021 at 1:11 pm

    (TR) -- Some clothes for pets are strictly stylish, some are purely functional, and some are both. The idea of a trucker hat for a dog may seem strange, but in fact many dogs, especially those with blue and light-colored eyes, suffer from sun sensitivity that makes them squint and become anxious in bright conditions.Tony Choi, an engineer in San Diego, Calif., and his veterinarian wife, Dr. Kathy Burnell, launched the initial PupLid trucker hat for dogs in 2018 to help make dogs comfortable after they found it significantly reduced anxiety in their own sun-sensitive dog, Buddy. They experimented with other dog hats and designs for months, but determined that a modified trucker hat design stayed in place and provided the best protection for Buddy.The Six-Panel Camo baseball cap for dogs is the latest addition to the PupLid product line for dogs who prefer a more adventure-ready look. Like the trucker hats, the baseball caps will feature a patent pending "Furfect Fit" system for maximum comfort, stability, and adjustability. Dogs with shorter noses have the additional benefit of protection from sunburn and sun induced skin cancers on the nose.Even dogs who might resist a hat will warm up to it with the right approach, according to Burnell and the PupLid website. Start by letting your dog sniff the PupLid and get used to seeing it. Then, put the hat on the dog's head for a few minutes at time, and use treats and rewards as the dog keeps it on for longer periods."When hat wearing is paired with a favorite walk or trip to the park, many dogs start getting excited to see their hat because they know they are about to go on an adventure," says Burnell.The hats are engineered to stay put with a five point system -- two-points of contact on each side and one under the chin. The hook and loop fastener under the chin allows for a customized fit, and slider loops on the sides allow for further adjustment. PupLid hats are currently available in five sizes, XXS, XS, S, M, and L, but the company will launch a sixth size later this fall to further refine the fit for more dogs. More sizing information is available on the company website.The company also strives to enhance the style factor to dog hats -- the hats are a seamless extension of baseball caps and trucker hats for people, available in five colors and over ten designs. More custom design options are available from PupLid's growing network of wholesale partners, and dog families can even order their own matching "trucker hats for humans" for the ultimate in coordination.PupLid is a supplier to retailers as well as organizations seeking a completely unique option to add to their promotional products. Orders of 25 or more can feature a company logo or other design, and preorder options are available to reserve large supplies.For more information, email 

  • BookBites: Waxing Pathetic, CIA Intrigue, and Gone to The Dogs
    by (NewsUSA) on April 15, 2021 at 11:33 am

    (NU) “The Beirut Protocol ”by Joel C. Rosenberg  Trapped behind enemy lines. Brutally tortured and threatened with death. And the worst is yet to come. Special agent Marcus Ryker has spent his whole life protecting others, but this time his own life is in danger.  When a routine advance trip along the Israeli-Lebanese border goes wrong, American operatives are ambushed and captured by a rogue Hezbollah special forces team. If Marcus and his colleagues are tortured and executed on live television, the president will have to enter another war he likely can't win. Marcus faces a life-or-death battle, and the odds of survival are narrowing. Escape seems impossible. Rescue is a fading hope. This is the CIA’s most valuable operative as you have never seen him before. Purchase at“First Dog on Earth”by  Irv Weinberg  “Heartwarming story about relationships among people and dogs.”  At the dawn of civilization, a wolf dog befriends an old hunter and revives his alpha powers among his human tribe. Together with the animal’s pack, they discover a new way of life -- a shared odyssey of survival and trust that grows into the most successful partnership the Earth has ever known, changing dogs and humans forever.  This is the poetic story of how civilization progresses all because of the abilities the dogs bring the tribe. How does the greatest love story in history begin? With a leap into the unknown. “Like no other book you've read!” Purchase at“How to Train Your Hooman: A Field Guide”by  Gwen Romack   This is the lighthearted and funny read we so desperately need in these not-so-light-hearted times – and the perfect Mother’s Day gift for those dog-loving moms.   Follow this unique story told by an extraordinary dog, Finn. He’s irreverent, funny, and full of sass. Based on his real life, join Finn as he issues weekly reports back to K9 Rescue Headquarters on the strange behaviors and rituals of his rescue-“hoomans.”  With sarcastic wit, he observes the curious world around him, heroically saves his unwitting hoomans from dangers (see also: evil electric toothbrush), and shares his musings about the often-lackluster level of service he feels he receives. Purchase at“Waxing Pathetic ”by M. B. Clark  Waxing Pathetic is a sardonic, often hilarious, raging stream of consciousness from one mad American woman. From the pathetic to the political, the lunatic to the poetic, Clark's memoir is a masterwork of dry wit and piercing observation.   From Been Down This Road, where she relates her high school dating history, to This is Real...and Surreal, where she takes down some pathetic politics, Clark merges real events with dream-state fiction that evokes deeper truths hidden in memories. Waxing Pathetic will leave you breathless as you are taken down roads not taken by most American women. Purchase at is presented by

  • Give A Box of "Chocolates" To Your Dog This Holiday
    by (NewsUSA) on November 16, 2020 at 2:28 pm

    (NewsUSA) - The holidays are quickly approaching and lots of people gift their loved ones boxes of gourmet chocolates. However, can dogs eat chocolate? Of course they can't! So, how do we include our cherished furry family members in this loving tradition?What does a box of "chocolates" look like for a dog? Or more importantly, what does it smell like?In the case of Barkaron gourmet dog treats, the "special sauce" ingredient is not chocolate (toxic to dogs) but camel cheese, a superfood with the perfect balance of gamey pungency and health benefits , creating a safe, and delicious indulgence for your furry family member this holiday season.Especially during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, dogs are even more integrated into family life. Dogs have become essential, not only as companions, but as workout partners, entertainers of the kids, reasons to get outside, and nonjudgmental listeners for venting frustration.With friends and family at a distance this holiday season, many of us will be forced to show we care from a distance, deepening the desire to do something special for everyone in your life, including your furry family member.The handcrafted dog treat bakery Chews Happiness has the answer with sustainably-sourced Barkaron Decadent Doggie Desserts. Barkarons, French macarons for dogs, arrive in elegant, eco-friendly dog gift box packaging."These are not the kind of treats one buys by the ten-pound bag," says Tavor White, president and CEO of Chews Happiness."They are special delicacies and perfect gifting experiences. We believe that dogs understand when you give them something special," he emphasizes."So, it's not about whether or not to indulge your dog. it's about bringing awareness to the impact that high-quality, special treats can have on your dog's health and wellness, and that of the planet."Don't tell the dogs, but Barkarons are good for them, too.The treats are not just the equivalent of chocolates for a dog, they are healthy functional food made from pristine ingredients and are veterinarian approved. Camel cheese, the "chocolate" for dogs, is made from camel's milk and has an aroma that tantalizes them, although their humans don't really notice it. This ingredient titillates dogs' powerful sense of smell and also targets their taste receptors (which are hard-wired for fats and meats) in a way that is similar to the euphoria humans feel when they eat chocolate.However, camel cheese is not only delicious to dogs, but it provides immune system support with a combination of immunoglobulins, protein, and healthy fats. The Barkaron gourmet dog treats combine sustainably sourced camel cheese, chicken, fish, and other delicacies for a dog gift like no other.Visit for more information about Barkarons and other ways to indulge mindfully with your pet during the holidays or anytime. 

  • The Pet Boost: Furry Friends Help Seniors Feel Less Lonely
    by (NewsUSA) on August 19, 2019 at 7:37 pm

    (NewsUSA) - Many older adults experience feelings of loneliness and isolation as they age, but pets can provide the companionship and love seniors desire. A new survey conducted by Home Instead, Inc., franchisor of the Home Instead Senior Care Network, found regular interaction with animals can help to reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness in older adults.The most frequently cited benefits of pet ownership are company, comfort, unconditional love, entertainment and improved mood. In fact, 86 percent of pet owners agree they would be lonelier and less happy without their pet, and 58 percent agree that they would not be as physically healthy without their pet.The companionship and love provided by a pet can be especially meaningful for those most at risk for isolation. Home Instead found that pet owners who live alone are significantly more likely to report increased benefits of pet ownership.Owning a pet can also be an important factor for seniors deciding where they will live as they age. According to the survey, 82 percent of older adults say they will not consider moving to a senior living community without their pet.While interaction with animals has been shown to improve mental and physical well-being in older adults, research from Home Instead confirms that seniors don't need to own pets to experience the benefits. Those who regularly interact with, but don't own, pets report feeling better just spending time with animals owned by family, friends and neighbors.There are many ways seniors can interact with animals without taking on the responsibility of pet ownership. Here are a few ideas:* Volunteer at a rescue organization or animal shelter. Many rescue organizations and animal shelters could use an extra hand. Seniors can help provide care for animals, including feeding, watering, restocking supplies, washing dishes, walking dogs, cleaning cages and enclosures or socializing with the animals. Volunteers experience the benefits of interacting with pets, and they can provide some care to an animal in need.* Get to know your neighbors' pets. Seniors who regularly walk their neighborhoods will likely see pet owners walking their dogs. Asking to join them for a walk might lead to new friendships with neighbors and dogs.* Connect with a therapy animal. Pet Partners therapy teams, made up of a pet owner and his or her registered animal, go into many locations where seniors are living or being treated, such as hospitals, hospice centers and care communities.* Visit a pet store. Some pet stores sell small animals, such as guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas, gerbils, mice, rats, certain geckos, bearded dragons, snakes, and specific types of frogs, birds and fish. Visiting can provide a pet fix!With so many options available, finding the right animal interaction for each individual should be as easy as a walk in the dog park.To help older adults determine what type of pet interaction is right for them, the Home Instead Senior Care® network is offering free information and tips to help seniors incorporate animals into their lives. To learn more about how older adults can bring animals into their lives, visit or contact your local Home Instead Senior Care office or

  • Feature-Rich Dog Parks Are Coming to Towns Across America
    by (NewsUSA) on March 7, 2019 at 7:32 pm

    (NewsUSA) - Lassie used to run free throughout the town, solving problems and rescuing kids in trouble.Today, it is rare and often illegal to let a dog roam off-leash. Even large parks usually have leash laws. At the same time, dog ownership is growing.According to the American Pet Products Association, there are over 60 million US households with at least one dog. And those dog owners are increasingly looking for places to let their dogs run and socialize off-leash.Some communities have solved this by creating off-leash areas such as fenced-in parks where people can let Spot run free.According to the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, a good dog park has a few essential features. The basics are bags and trash cans for cleaning up after dogs, fresh drinking water, and shade for cooling down.Ideally, dog parks would include separate entrance and exit gates, allowing everyone to comeand go with not only ease, but safety. And a dual-gate system would help eliminate dogs escaping through any open gate while another dog is entering or leaving through it.While those are the basics, dog parks are popping up around the country with additional fun features to keep canines safe and happy.Beau's Dream Dog Park in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania has a tennis ball tree that launches balls for large dogs.Pilgrim Dog Park in Provincetown, Massachusetts has pet-friendly sculptures designed by local artists that dogs can play on.Catalyst Experiential is currently designing the Bucks County Dog Park, which will be one of the most feature-laden in the country. The entrance is designed to resemble the two halves of a large, broken dog biscuit. Once they pass through the "dog biscuit" entrance, dogs will find water features, an agility station, ample shade, and even dog-wash facilities inside their park. It's like Disney for dogs!The dog park is one of many projects that Catalyst Experiential is bringing to communities as a part of their vision to integrate community and communication.The "broken dog biscuit" entrance to the park features two displays that will enable local government, schools, organizations and businesses to speak directly to the communities they serve, including announcing local events, issuing safety messages, and other timely communications.A dog lover and owner himself, Catalyst Experiential CEO Thaddeus Bartkowski explains that "while dog ownership has increased, rules and regulations restricting the ability of dogs to run free has unfortunately been on the rise as well.""What we hope to create is a place where dogs can get the off-leash exercise they deserve to enhance quality of life for both the dogs and their owners," he says.For more information about Catalyst Experiential, reach out here. 

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