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Animal welfare is the ethical responsibility of ensuring animal well-being in which animals experience good health, are able to effectively cope with their environment, and are able to express their behaviors. Protecting an animal’s welfare means providing for its physical and mental needs including proper housing, nutrition, disease prevention and proper human treatment of all animals.

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Defenders of Wildlife is a 501 non-profit conservation organization, with mission protect animals, plants native to North America in their natural communities

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California Communities Rally to Save Animals Caught in Wildfires –  by

Hundreds of animals displaced

On Friday evening, Los Angeles County Animal Care & Control was sheltering a total of 815 rescued animals displaced by the Woolsey and Hill fires in Ventura County, according to Allison Cardona, Deputy Director of South County operations. Of those, 550 were horses.

Even as LA County mobilized to accommodate the animals, one of their own shelters was forced to evacuate. One hundred animals were moved from the Agoura Animal Care Center, which remains closed.

In Northern California, a volunteer-run rescue group set up a temporary shelter at Butte County’s Chico Airport to take in animals displaced by the Camp fire.

The North Valley Animal Disaster Group works with local law enforcement to take in rescued animals, and says it has received over 5,000 calls to its hotline since the Camp fire started on November 8.

The group says it is currently caring for over 1,400 animals — including an alpaca, turkey, reptiles, ducks, rabbits and more. One of their own volunteers, Sandy Doolittle, lost her home in the wildfire, but continues to help reunite families with their pets. Please Join in Helping Animals DONATE Los Angeles County Animal Care & Control  Never Sleeps Explore INO’s Pets Parents Network Hub

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