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Help Animals Expose Abuse in 2016

Too often, cruelty to animals is swept under the rug, Finally; the FBI recognizes cruelty to animals as a precursor to further violence and tracks animal abuse like it does homicides. Many serial rapists, serial murderers, and mass murderers have a background of abusing animals, Tennessee became the first state to create an animal abuse registry, and cruelty-to-animals charges can rise to a felony level in most states.

What You Can Do

Be a “nosey neighbor.” If you spot someone abusing or neglecting animals, report it immediately, and if local authorities are unresponsive, call PETA.

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 Learn about physical health and wellness of your pets; find pet parenting resources about pet parenting advice and tips, build parenting skills and grow in a much positive pet parent, learn how to care for your pets and make time for pet parent pet bonding. Get expert pet parenting tips and advice or share your own experience about responsible pet parenting.

Responsible Pet Parent; You support adoption, You neuter or spay your pets, Your pet’s health is important to you, You play outside with your pet on a regular basis, You act as a teacher to your pets, You consider your pet’s environment, You keep your pet safe. You make sure you know whoever is taking care of your pet.

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Save Wildlife For Next Generations

Endangered WildlifeProject RhinoWildlife Facts: a 2010 United Nations report suggests that gorillas could disappear from large parts of the Congo Basin by the mid-2020s. At the beginning of our century there were a few million African elephants and approximately 100,000 Asian elephants. Today elephants are now considered endangered; there are about 450,000-700,000 African elephants and 35,000-40,000 Asian elephants. In Asia, tiger parts are used in mythological medicine. Vietnam, China, Thailand, and Korea are just a few countries with markets supporting criminal enterprise that has driven many animal species toward extinction.

WWF Learn More about Saving Wildlife and Join the leading Wildlife Conservation Organizations:              Panthera

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF), The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), The Nature Conservancy , The Sierra Club , The International Crane Foundation (ICF), The Friends of Haleakala National Park conservation organization, The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), contribute to an organization focused entirely on protecting our world’s oceans. Oceana , Conservation International employs scientists and policy experts to balance healthy ecosystems, The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) is another superb group working for the protection of animals and wildlife.  Wildlands

Partnership for Action Against Wildlife Crime | Discover Wildlife At Its Best | Nature Preserves, Wildlife Refuges, and Animal Sanctuaries


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