Guide To Raw Diets For Dogs

A raw dog diet, as the term suggests, is a kind of diet which is composed of raw and uncooked food with no hidden ingredients and fillers. It is usually a combination of raw meat, eggs, meaty bones, some types of vegies and a few portion of usual dog kibble.

There is no denying that a raw dog diet is much better than commercial dog food. Why is that so? A raw diet for dogs contains ingredients that are fresh, natural and organic. This means that you can improve your dog’s health if you constantly give him raw food.

Dull coats and skin, for instance, will look more shiny and healthy looking. It is also a good way to prevent dog’s bad breath. Dogs under a raw diet can also enjoy better digestion and stamina.

By choosing a raw dog diet, your dog will lose unwanted fat and increase his muscle mass. This not only makes your dog look so much better on the outside, it also boosts your canine’s metabolic rate, as well as his activity levels and life span. Not only that, buying fresh vegies, bones and organ meats are a lot less expensive than purchasing premium commercial dog food. For those who want to save money, it’s really a cost-effective alternative.

So what types of food are part of a raw dog diet? Any part of a chicken is good for your canine. However, do not give him the bones. These can splinter and harm his internal organs. Turkey and quail are healthy too. Beef meats should also be included in your dog’s diet. Unlike chicken, you can include the bones from beef or buffalo for your dog can digest them.

Raw diets can be given to puppies but be extra careful. Puppies can’t chew bones like an adult dog can. Raw dog diet will also never be complete without vitamins. Your dog will be a lot healthier if feed him vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

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