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Compliance & Enforcement Within CVM the Division of Compliance monitors the activities of our stakeholders, performs educational outreach to the field and industry, and pursues regulatory actions if warranted.

Products Information about Approved Animal Drug Products, Animal Food/Feed (including Pet Food), Imports & Exports, and the Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) Notification Program

Resources for You Information for Consumers, Veterinarians, and Industry

Science & Research FDA research activities support the needs of FDA’s animal health regulators, on issues including pre-market drug review, compliance, post-approval monitoring, and animal feed safety.

Safety & Health Product Safety Information including Recalls, Adverse Drug Events, Antimicrobial Resistance, Animal Cloning, and Animal Drug Shortage Information

News & Events Press releases and meeting announcements

Development & Approval Process Information about types of New Animal Drug Applications, Electronic Submissions, User Fees, Biotechnology, Minor Use/Minor Species, Aquaculture, and Food Additive Petitions

Guidance & Regulations Guidance for Industry, Policies & Procedures Manual, Laws, Unapproved Animal Drugs, Drug Residues, and BSE

Consumer Information

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