Harmful Dog Food You Need To Know

Dogs in cartoons are often portrayed as stereotypical bone lovers. But did you know that bones can be very harmful for their health? Bones, when they chew on it, munch and then swallow, can eventually puncture their sensitive digestive organs. As much as possible, you don’t want this to happen to your dog, right?

So what needs some big check mark on harmful dog food types? Make bones as the number one item. This may sound a little too much babying for your K9 fellow but it will be good for him; since dogs are known to be carnivores, meat will always be irresistible for them. Although it doesn’t really take contribute to them having a well balanced diet, it would be enough to clear the meat from bones and skin for turkeys or chicken meat.

Vegetables, known to be healthy and nutritious to our body, have some types that are considered harmful. Onions and garlic are just some examples of harmful dog food. These can be very toxic to their health and bring about some complications in their kidney’s function. So if your dog is already allergic to onions and garlic, don’t force it to eat such. Also, since chocolates were mentioned earlier, would you think that your dog will be happy if you hand it a bar or a piece? One sure thing is that they’ll munch on it. But how chocolates affect dogs are somewhat similar to humans, although dogs don’t get fat unless given in their race. Chocolates slow down a dog’s metabolism and contribute to having heart failures and kidney ailments.

On cases when you have some leftover food, don’t just throw these on your dog’s plate. It may contain some harmful stuff too. If you’re planning to serve leftover food to your dog, make sure that it can be easily digested. Most of the time, what you feed on your pets contribute to the way they behave. Remember how they obediently follow you when you hand them a doggy treat on training them or teaching some simple tricks? That’s one proof for you to consider.

Pet Article courtesy of http://pet-articles.blogspot.com.